WorkAway Offices is a small, growing company for coworking spaces based in Ottawa, Ontario. In this relatively new segment, WorkAway already has multiple offices and is adding additional facilities in the months ahead. With a small staff of 10-15 people, its access control system is at the forefront of its day-to-day operations and interactions with its customers and members.

The Situation

WorkAway Offices converted an existing, outdated office building into a modern coworking office space. WorkAway considered updating the access control system during the remodel, ultimately finding it cost-prohibitive. As a result, managing the keys for nearly 50 separate offices within the building required a separate locking storage cabinet — and a key to get to the keys. WorkAway staff were regularly experiencing the hassle of issuing keys to members at onboarding — and collecting keys at the end of their stay.

The Solution

WorkAway Offices installed the SimpleAccess system with wireless locks on internal office doors. SimpleAccess coordinated the project for WorkAway from start to finish — helping choose the right lock options, coordinate the installation, configure the system, and onboard staff to its easy-to-use software. This end-to-end service allowed WorkAway staff to stay focused on helping customers and not be distracted by the project. The new solution provided WorkAway a better way to quickly issue a pin code to members for office access, replacing the burden of keys.

“Using SimpleAccess has helped our staff’s productivity by removing the hassle of managing keys, while giving us a better onboarding experience with our customers.”


Going keyless for internal offices has been a big boon for WorkAway staff, who were often overwhelmed with tracking keys. The process to onboard a new customer and provide secure office access has been streamlined — saving the staff time and delivering a better member experience.

Adding SimpleAccess helped WorkAway Offices upgrade a part of its access control system in a small, affordable way. As Workaway looks to its exciting future, SimpleAccess offers the fast-growing company a scalable solution to easily add more doors, enhance convenience with mobile and smart technologies, and manage multiple facilities or legacy access systems with one interface.

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