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Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions
Are access control systems important for security?

A physical access control system (PACS) is important for security because it not only controls who can gain access to your business (like a flat key or pin code would) but also when users can gain access. An access control system helps protect your assets and employees – while enabling the flexible work schedule that today’s workforce has come to expect.

How do I manage user access with SimpleAccess?

User access can be managed using the admin app via mobile device or from the browser on your computer. Access parameters like time, days of the week, and which doors can be assigned by group or customized to meet individual employee needs. Access can also be managed for visitors with one-time and temporary credentials.

How does the installation of the SimpleAccess physical access control system work?

With SimpleAccess, you’ll work with the same consultant across the entire process of implementing an access control system for your business – including design, selection and installation. Wiring and/or building permits may be required – your consultant will work with you to determine your specific needs. The SimpleAccess access control system is easily scalable and designed to grow as your business grows.

How secure are keyless door locks?

Keyless door locks are more secure than traditional locks and flat keys for several reasons. First, keyless doors can provide an access log of which user opened what door and when. Second, since credentials for a smart lock are not easily shared, contrary to flat keys, which can be copied or passed along without records.

What are the elements of a physical access control system?

Access control systems include access hardware such as smart locks and access readers, mobile credentials such as smartphone credentials, physical credentials such as access proximity cards, and access control software such as cloud-based access software.  A system may be hard wired, wireless or a hybrid of both.  Your SimpleAccess consultant will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs. The SR3 mobile access reader allows users to gain entry using either mobile credentials or a fob or access card – allowing your business greater flexibility to meet the needs of employees and visitors while providing legacy access card system compatibility.

What does it cost?

Each system is unique based on your needs, facility layout, and solution design. By using smart technologies, SimpleAccess makes upgrading to smart access control affordable, with project cost savings of up to 75% versus traditional systems. And, we make it hassle-free by managing the details for you. For a free quote on your system needs, please contact our solution design experts at 833.413.0212

What is a physical control system?

Quite simply, a physical access control system (PACS) allows or restricts access to a specific building, room or safe. It can ensure that employees and guests have access to your business whenever they need it and that your space is secure against people who should not have access.

What is SimpleAccess?

SimpleAccess is a smart access control solution for small and medium businesses who want affordable, keyless entry and are short on time. SimpleAccess will provide the expertise and manage the details for you with its start-to-finish service. We’ll update your system with smart technologies to save you time and money while enhancing convenience and image for your staff, customers, and visitors. And we provide ongoing support to help optimize your system, train new admin users, and more.

What is the difference between a smart lock and an access control system?

A smart lock is a standalone device that controls entry for a single door and comes in a lot of different flavors.  For your business, finding smart locks that are rated for commercial usage will ensure they will meet the quality and durability needed from higher traffic levels.  Additionally, commercial smart locks will offer software designed for your business – multiple user roles, access privilege times and levels, remote management, notifications, reporting, and more.

Access control systems are more robust systems for businesses of any size.  They offer centralized control can work with multiple device types and access hardware brands.  They are designed for spaces that have many users and may require different access levels – for instance, employees in the office five days per week versus contractors who only need access for a weeklong stretch. Or a secured room that only a select group of team members need access.

What kind of data and reporting does the SimpleAccess solution provide?

SimpleAccess provides a detailed access log including what user made entry, through what door, and at what time. Administrators can also receive real-time notification of access via SMS text or email.

What makes SimpleAccess different?

As a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) leader, you wear a lot of hats – but locksmith shouldn’t be one of them. SimpleAccess brings SMB leaders a start-to-finish access control solution that takes the hassle out of getting the best smart access control system for your budget – and we provide ongoing support to help optimize your system, train new admin users, and more. We manage the details and bring our expertise; so, you get convenience, savings, and enhanced security with keyless door entry, mobile access control, smart wireless locks, and remote management in an enhanced smart access control system.

Will SimpleAccess work with my legacy system?

The SimpleAccess system is flexible to meet your access control needs, whether its wired or wireless solutions; a new system; or integrating with a legacy system.

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