Secure Access Control. Simplified.

Create a Smart Workplace  

SimpleAccess provides convenient access control for your employees and staff using the smartphone technology they already own and comfortably use. It starts with a simple, easy-to-install reader designed for versatility. Trusted BlueTooth communication pairs to secure digital keys on mobile phones, opening doors instantly – it’s as simple as that. Need to please traditionalists? No problem, SimpleAccess accepts physical proximity cards if you’d prefer to continue using existing cards. Employees will love the simple convenience; you’ll love the cost saving potential.

Welcome to Mobile Access

Step into an intelligent physical environment before even crossing the door. SimpleAccess detects a verified mobile phone to provide keyless smartphone access. A mobile access control reader, it works seamlessly with the proximity card access control system you already have installed. Expand workplace flexibility by offering choice – a mobile phone or your existing proximity cards (like a HID prox card) will open doors when SimpleAccess is connected.

Create a Friction-free Work Environment

Relate to the tech-forward lifestyle of your employees and appeal to their desire for convenience. Smartphone compatibility means no digging for key cards in the rain or hunting under car seats for lost cards – the door will simply unlock after the user touch-activates the reader with their phone nearby. Enhance company culture and you’ll be on the path to improve employee satisfaction and reduce company turnover.

Any Way, Any Day

SimpleAccess is about preference: use a mobile phone as an access card or keep using a proximity card. Passage becomes fluid – if you forget your phone one day, you can still enter with your prox card instead. That’s because SimpleAccess creates a digital ID that replicates the proximity card credential through the reader. Because SimpleAccess is a straightforward prox reader replacement, you retain the current functionality to use traditional proximity cards and key fobs, without having to make changes to your access control system.

Transform the Workplace with Smart Technology

Proximity card technology is decades old. Mobile authentication for keyless entry is the latest innovation in access control for business. Quickly gaining popularity, it will soon become the expected norm. From small to enterprise businesses, the SimpleAccess smartphone reader is ideal for any gated entrance: front doors, back entrances, or secure rooms.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

Everything SimpleAccess does and stands for is about security for people, assets, and personal privacy. Bank-level encryption secures the digital key stored on the phone. Communication between the phone and the reader is fully encrypted, making it significantly more secure than your existing card technology. What’s more, the reader’s range can be easily adjusted on a door-to-door basis, so you control how close the user’s phone needs to be to grant entry.

Control Costs, Plus Go Green

A recent survey showed that the number one pain point of using an access control solution was the expensive cost of proximity cards. Not far behind was the frustrations associated with lead time to receive programmed cards. With SimpleAccess, digital keys can be issued on-demand for instant facility access. You also have the choice to transition exclusively to smartphone door access. Save on proximity card costs for new employees and lost or broken cards. Your cost for SimpleAccess won’t change, no matter how many employees have a mobile key. Reduce the amount of plastic circulating the globe and you’ll help control the cost paid by Planet Earth, too.

A Simple Reader Upgrade

By switching to a SimpleAccess reader, you enhance the capabilities of your current access control system, not replace it. A screwdriver and a pair of pliers – that’s what you’ll need to remove your existing reader and replace it with the SimpleAccess reader. Easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through an install that can be completed in minutes. No advanced technical abilities required – everything about SimpleAccess was designed to simplify processes, reduce costs, and increase convenience.

Nearly Effortless Implementation

Three steps are all it takes: 1. User receives an email invitation to download the SimpleAccess app 2. User downloads the app, then activates their digital key 3. User activates the reader with their phone in range to open the door Management of digital keyholders is next to nothing – add them to an online portal one-by-one or with a simple file upload and don’t do anything extra in your access control system.

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