Cornerstone Services, headquartered in Joliet, Illinois, is an organization deeply committed to providing comprehensive services for individuals with disabilities. Their mission revolves around promoting choice, dignity, and the opportunity to live and work within their community. Operating a substantial network of 40 group homes and six administrative buildings, Cornerstone faced a substantial challenge in managing access across their diverse locations, relying on a mix of physical keys and key fobs.

The Challenge

Initially, the need for a comprehensive access control solution arose during a renovation project involving a 25,000-square-foot section of their primary 110,000-square-foot administration building. Impressed by the capabilities of SimpleAccess, Cornerstone decided to broaden the project’s scope to encompass all their locations.

The burden of managing keys and access for their numerous administrative buildings and group homes had grown into a complex and time-consuming task for Cornerstone. They needed a solution that would streamline access control operations across all their sites through a unified and efficient access control software platform.

The Solution

SimpleAccess provided a tailored solution that met the unique needs of Cornerstone. This comprehensive solution included the implementation of smart wireless locks, a forward-thinking alternative that delivered substantial cost savings compared to traditional wired access control solutions. To further enhance security for their administration building, SimpleAccess recommended the installation of SR3 readers, offering enhanced security measures while allowing employees the flexibility to choose between mobile credentials or traditional access cards
and fobs.

Managing the complexity of door and access schedules posed no hurdle for Cornerstone. The SimpleAccess Customer Success team assisted with the upfront software configuration and facilitated the seamless import of over 500 employees and residents, each equipped with their corresponding access rights. This streamlined approach to implementation saved Cornerstone staff valuable time allowing them to stay focused on managing
the overall transition and their regular day-to-day responsibilities.

“The support of the SimpleAccess team has been fantastic in helping ensure our transformative project’s success.”

– Carl DeNardo, Director of Building & Grounds

Key Benefits & Results

  • Centralized Access Management: With SimpleAccess, Cornerstone achieved centralized access control over 40 facilities, eliminating the need to manage and track countless physical keys. This resulted in a drastically reduced administrative workload, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Security: The upgraded access control system bolstered security measures across all facilities, including medical storage cabinets, creating a safer and more secure environment for residents and employees.
  • Cost Savings: The adoption of wireless locks provided significant cost savings compared to traditional wired solutions, allowing financial resources to be redirected to other critical needs.
  • Enhanced Staff Convenience: The implementation of SR3 readers gave employees the flexibility to choose their preferred access methods, increasing user convenience and satisfaction.
  • Efficient Door and Access Schedules: SimpleAccess efficiently managed the complexity of door and access schedules, streamlining operations and enhancing security.
  • Time Savings: SimpleAccess’s professional services saved Cornerstone valuable time, ensuring prompt and efficient deployment without disrupting daily operations.

Cornerstone Services exemplifies how embracing technology can lead to substantial improvements in service delivery and operational efficiency. Their partnership with SimpleAccess demonstrates a steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives of their employees and residents within their community through innovative access control solutions.


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Non-Profit, Healthcare

Administrative buildings, group homes and medical cabinets

Physical key management and decentralized systems

Featured Solution:
SimpleAccess with Smart Wireless locks and SR3 Mobile Readers

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Enhanced access rights and custom door schedules.
  • Saved Money: Utilizing a hybrid hardware system.
  • Centralized Access Management: Increased operational efficiency.
  • Time Saving: Leveraged SimpleAccess onboarding services.