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Replacing Your Nexkey System – Affordable Alternatives

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Startup Nexkey Is Shutting Down Service

Startup access control provider, Nexkey, announced it is shutting down.  With short notice of a few weeks, Nexkey customers received little warning.

  • All Nexkey services and servers will be turned off 31-Aug-2022*
  • SimpleAccess is offering special pricing for Nexkey customers.

*Update on Nexkey “Sale” & Shutdown

Recent emails from CMBG Advisors (bankruptcy specialists) and ASG Security

  • A locksmith firm, ASG, is paying to extend the date of shut down “for the duration of this year.”
  • They have “not bought Nexkey.”

How SimpleAccess is Different

  • Works with the leading commercial lock and access control brands
    • HID Global, Schlage, Mercury, Yale, Assa Abloy, Allegion, and more
    • Is not proprietary hardware
  • Part of a profitable, $600+MM company
    • In business for over 30 years – is not a startup
    • Industry leader in identity and asset tracking solutions
  • SimpleAccess Solution is ideally suited to replace Nexkey systems
    • Flexible system, mobile phone, wired and wireless solutions
    • Affordable, lower upfront costs

Nexkey Announcement on Shutting Down

Dear valued customer,

Today I have to deliver some sad news: Nexkey is shutting down and your service is scheduled to end on August 31st 2022.

Thank you so much for your support over the past years that we’ve been offering our access control service to you.

This was not a decision that we have made lightly but we have run out of options.

Since the beginning of the year we have worked to secure another round of funding or to sell the company to, or partner with, potential strategic parties that could continue providing our services to you. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn and current market conditions outside our control, we weren’t able to complete any such transaction after extensive efforts.

Please note that our cloud-based service should be able to be operated without any interaction from our team through the end of August, we had to let our team go so we will not be able to intervene if any of the specific services to run our infrastructure has an issue.

Accordingly, there can be no assurance that our service will continue uninterrupted and you are urged to transition to another access control system as soon as practicable.

We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and say thank you again for the chance we had to support you and your business.

– Nexkey, Inc.

SimpleAccess Smart Access Control. Simplified | Affordable building access & keyless entry systems

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SimpleAccess is a better way to secure and access doors & entrances.

We offer affordable business access control solutions that save time and money while enhancing your convenience, security, and facility image.

And, we take the hassle out of managing the details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SimpleAccess?

SimpleAccess is a smart access control solution for small and medium businesses who want affordable, keyless entry and are short on time. SimpleAccess will provide the expertise and manage the details for you with its start-to-finish service. We’ll update your system with smart technologies to save you time and money while enhancing convenience and image for your staff, customers, and visitors. And we provide ongoing support to help optimize your system, train new admin users, and more.

Is SimpleAccess the right choice for my business?

SimpleAccess is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses who want the benefits of a smart access control system and need it be affordable and hassle-free. With SimpleAccess’s start-to-finish service, we manage the details of upgrading your system while you stay focused on your business.

What is required to use SimpleAccess?

The SimpleAccess system is flexible to meet your access control needs, whether its wired or wireless solutions; a new system; or integrating with a legacy system. For wireless lock and software usage, Wi-Fi coverage and an internet connection will be required.

Will SimpleAccess work with my legacy system?

The SimpleAccess system is flexible to meet your access control needs, whether its wired or wireless solutions; a new system; or integrating with a legacy system.

What type of doors work with SimpleAccess?

SimpleAccess is a flexible solution that works with a wide range of doors and access points. From exterior to interior doors, gates to elevators, we’ll help identify the right solution for your needs

Can I add additional doors later?

Adding doors, access points, buildings, or locations is easy on SimpleAccess. The access control system scales easily and is designed to grow with you.

What does it cost?

Each system is unique based on your needs, facility layout, and solution design. By using smart technologies, SimpleAccess makes upgrading to smart access control affordable, with project cost savings of up to 75% versus traditional systems. And, we make it hassle-free by managing the details for you. For a free quote on your system needs, please contact our solution design experts at 833.413.0212

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